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Roon is the ultimate music player system for your home. From one app, you can control different brands of audio players together. Includes Sonos, Lyngdorf, Naim, Denon and many more. 

Experience power, precision and above all, true hi-fidelity music playback across your whole home.

At the heart of Roon lies its core...

Roon Core is a dedicated server application designed to be your gateway to a world of high quality music. Run it either on your home computer or through a dedicated server such as Roon Nucleus and get ready to enjoy the flexibility, ease of use and award winning sound Roon has become synonymous for.

One app to control them all...

Control your music server, streaming services and Roon ready devices all from one place using the excellent Roon remote app. The modern design and simple user workflow within the app allows you to focus on what's most important, choosing the right music.

Exquisite audio from a host of ready players...

Play back hi-fidelity audio using Roon ready players from a whole range of audio player manufacturers, tested to offer seamless playback and integration with the Roon system. You can also listen to the same source simultaneously across multiple rooms thanks to the multi-player capability of the system and its integration with airplay, chromecast, sonos and more. 

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