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Lyngdorf Audio products exist for one purpose: to provide sound systems that render the recording exactly as the sound engineer intended, with nothing added or taken away through the process of recording and replay.



MP-60 2.1

Lyngdorfs flagship processor the MP-60 features 8 HDMI source inputs and 2 HDMI eARC outputs. Capable of decoding up to 16 balanced XLR  channels to a number of different formats such as DOLBY ATMOS®, DTS:X® PRO and AURO-3D®. As well as audio the MP60 can decode the most up to date HDR picture formats including Dolby Vision and features the most up to date technologies such as Room Perfect, Dynamic Lip-Sync and QMS (Quick Media Switching).



The MP-40 surround sound processor from Lyngdorf Audio offers all the sonic qualities and performance of the flagship processor, the MP-60, in a streamlined design for smaller applications. Ease of installation and user-friendly features are complemented with a simplified feature allowing the chance for one to experience the performance that Lyngdorf Audio is famous for without all the bells and whistles.




With extreme audio processing options combined with the most powerful and advanced digital amplifier technology, the TDAI-3400 is the most powerful product from Lyngdorf Audio yet marketed.



Designed, developed, and manufactured in Denmark, the TDAI-2170 is a masterpiece of substance and style. The amplifier’s chassis—a salute to modern industrial design—is built like a tank. In addition to being fully digital and having flexible upgrade modules and RoomPerfect™ room correction technology, the TDAI-2170 provides the formula for a sound experience that has left critics and listeners astounded.



The TDAI-1120 streaming amplifier inherits some of Lyngdorfs best technologies from its flagship processors such as Room Perfect in a compact 2 channel chasis. The TDAI-1120 is not only capable of streaming music in stereo but delivering audio from your TV using its HDMI eARC input which incorporates CEC and Lip-sync functionality.
Streaming services available include: Chromecast (Built in), Spotify® Connect, Roon Ready, Airplay 2, Bluetooth, Internet Radio and Local/Networked sources.



The SDA-2400 2 channel digital power amplifier is the perfect accompaniment to any Lyngdorf processor. Lyngdorfs digital power amps include both digital and analogue inputs which output a clean low distortion signal.  Featuring standby modes and trigger in and outs the SDA-2400  can switch on a chain of amplifiers after detecting a voltage or standby after detecting a signal loss.

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