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We specialise in Home Cinema installation, design, consultancy and calibration services

Home Cinema considerations

Equipment selection

One of the most important aspects of a home cinema is choosing the right components. Jacobs have worked with numerous audio visual, networking and control system brands. so we know what works well together.


The acoustics of a room has a massive effect on the listening experience. In order to get the best sound its not only about selecting the best speakers, amplifiers and calibrating the system but also considering acoustic furnishings. 

General construction

It's very easy to overlook some design and construction aspects so we can spot a missed opportunity. We are able to provide specifications for joiners and electricians to implement screen walls, stage builds, cable runs and circuit designs.


In order to optimise performance and push your systems to its full potential Jacobs offer full audio and visual calibration services to ISF and HAA standards.

Aesthetics and positioning

Comfort, light absorption and speaker placements? These are a few other key areas which we can advise home owners on for the ultimate cinema experience.

Budget management

We can cater for systems for a range of budgets from state of the art Dolby Atmos Steinway Lyngdorf systems with Lutron lighting and Crestron Home control systems to more modest 5.1 packages

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