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A great home cinema starts with the design. This is a process which is often overlooked, leading to incorrect speaker positions, projector position, screen size and even seating choice. We design and specify to the home owner or work with your interior designer as required on the layout and positioning of all the cinema equipment.


Cable specification along with hardware electronics is included, meaning you will have a fully detailed document to tender out to your chosen Audio Visual install company. We can also project manage the install as required.

Room design prices range from £400 - 1000

Initial visit

During our visit we will measure and plan the base layout of the room. This includes the position of the screen, projector, speaker positions, seating area and general room layout.

Cabling & Infrastructure

The correct specification of cabling is essential at the start of the build. We can specify the cabling, supply and of course guide your fitter on the first fix cable install.

Design process

Following on from the visit we will design the room which includes an artist impression, component placement, aesthetic look and generate the plans for your approval.

Equipment Supply

As authorised dealers for many home cinema brands, we are able to supply and install all the equipment specified in the design. This includes the projector screen, projector, speakers, audio electronics and WiFi/network equipment.

During the build

For the construction of your build we can project manage your team or supply our own as required.


In order to ensure the best performance of your system we can set up and calibrate to optimise both the sound and the picture.

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